SMC History

In 1999 Sam McWilliams had the vision to build an interior design firm that operated on the values and ethics that she practiced everyday, and is now recognized by her clients nationwide. Sam pursued that vision and built her firm, reputation, and client-base one project at a time. Being a single employee/owner of the firm required working days and nights to complete all of her project tasks as promised to her clients.

In 2001, with a desire to gradually grow the business, she began to build design teams by hiring select sub-consultants who specialized in different areas of design. Teams were built and tailored for each project based on client needs and requirements. This provided clients with an affordable team of experts exclusive of paying high-end design firm fees. This allowed SMC to take on more work, and eventually market the team concept as providing a “Network of Professionals”.

In 2005, as SMC grew and workloads increased, SMC began to employ some of the sub-consultants full-time and pursued new employee opportunities by providing paid internships and eventually hiring interns post-graduation.

One of SMC’s first hires was Keith Colamarino, Business Manager. Keith was instrumental in developing a business plan to market and grow SMC. It was a successful endeavor and in 2012, Keith joined the firm as Sam’s first Business Partner.

Today, SMC is still growing strong with several dedicated in-house designers, move managers, and a marketing manager who all share the same values, ethics, and passion that SMC was initially built on. SMC continues to use some of their loyal sub-consultants when needed.

Even though SMC has a large team of hard working people now, you will still find the light on in the studio long after the streetlights come on. Yep, we’re that committed.

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